Monday, August 28, 2006


life is full of these strange happenings.i really dont understand as to why there are so many things which i dont understand.i was thinking that i would be doing good in TOEFL by scoring about 270 but landed up getting just 250.i was really taken i had worrked for it and was expecting good score.because i feel that i am good at english to certain extent.i was really feeling bad that i boast about my english to everybody and nothing big happened.i am bad???? i am good????? i really dont understand????
sometimes i feel my way of expressing is too explicit that people put in some place where i dont belong or that i get carried away....anyways..i would rather compromise saying that "whatever happens happens for good ".
but i must say the date for toefl came to me like a blessing.i think lord was kind enough to give a date where in i would write a CBT itself.i am really greatful for that...if i had not got the date then i would be going in for another tunnel of things where i would be risking my success...hmm anyways i feel good about..these are some small things which...make me ponder over the uncertainity of life.
one quote which i believe is "uncertainity is something which certainly works"

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