Monday, January 15, 2007

peep into real life

well..i would like to write on how "WE" the so called normal people of the society crib about the things which we dont have.without even understanding how it feels to be disabled???.i used to be this type of girl,who was not really interested in peoples' problems.i was caught up with my own life incidents that i hardly took notice about the various problems or set backs the society faces.
During my Pre university days i had this oppurtunity of being with mentally retarted children.when i had been to this school, i was really touched by those children.some of them elder to me..but still being like a small was really hard to was then i realised,how blessed i was.but one thing which was very evident was those children needed us. the smile on their faces,their effort to wish me HARI OM is something, which is fresh in my thoughts even today. i understood how GOD's way of making us 'normal' people be humble and kind.that was time when i decided that every individual is born with a purpose to serve which is divinely assigned by GOD himself.i never thought i would be writting this down some feels nice to think about good incidents in my past.
after this i was introduced to another important issue of the society and that was AIDS and women health care.i got to know how women can become helpless and how poverty makes them do things, where they loose their lives at of the most painful sutiations of life.i also was really touched by the article written in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine about this disease Tuberculosis and its spread through the "human flesh market".what can be done??? how it can be reduced??? is some of the long standing questions that has to be answered.
my ideas of doing something to the society had got to my nerves and i was putting some of my thoughts into teaching some underprivilaged children.this was a task which i did with lot of interest.i asked some of the slam dwellers' kids to come over to my place,so that i could teach them some words and make them write their names.this went on for about a week or so.but what i realised was that they required money rather than any formal i feel, how dumb i was :)
i got introduced to samarthanam in my masters and the story goes this way.
Samarthanam is one such organisation which is mainly invovled in rendering great service to blind population of India.i was introduced to Samarthanam through my very close friend Veda.if i was of some help to this organisation the credit goes to her.
i had this always on my mind to help those people who are in need of it the one fine day Veda introduced me to this organisation.i spoke to the co-ordinator Mrs vijaya she is really one lady who is completely appreciated for her constant help and service to samarthanam.very simple and down to earth a lady with a mission to help the blind.i was delighted to meet her and get a insight into the lives in this is how i have been introduced to lot of dark sides of life..which can be lit and made brighter and hence make a small difference to myself and the society i live in.