Thursday, June 21, 2007


Every individual,according to me is searching for something or the other.Sometimes working hard against the "odds".Every event that has to occur,will be attached with "odds".So,the one who crosses these odds wiil be successful is that what success means? or one who falls prey for these "odds" will be a failure? but still I go on persuing my dreams,may be against odds,but will I, cross or get caught in the whole web of odds,is what I have to wait and watch.

but.....the spirit and the thrill to wait and watch is what is required(thats what I believe).At the end of the day,may be I feel nice about the odds I faced rather than the final output which I usually considered as success or failure.Either ways its adventurous.

"life is always exploring the unknown,and thinking that it will be known someday".

so,I believe,be it success or failure life is life,with its vividity and profondity.

Sunday, June 17, 2007