Tuesday, February 06, 2007

pics shot at wayanad



iddakallu gudda

one day trip to wayanad.

It was after, a lot of discussion we decided on a date to go to wayanad.It was ideal time to break free as my sis was done with her exams and smitha,sagar were also free.me, always free.we planned the trip on 26th january.so i had to be in mysore on 25th.my sis had already been in mysore as she had holidays.so all of them were exited about the whole trip so was i.
25th was like a warming up to the Bday.we decided to watch "silence of the lambs" one awesome movie and then went out for shopping in the evening. the whole night, we were exited about the trip .were not able to sleep.but some how managed a sleep for 5 hours i guess.
finally the day arrived all of us were quequeing up to take bath and get ready with our comfortable attire.we were ready with cameras, back packs and water.ofcourse the food department was taken care by atte and uncle.so was waiting for the vehicle to arrive.the driver arrived at the right time and the vehicle was good.very comfortable.with good music system, which fortunately could play quality music.was happy with it.smitha's friend vijetha had also joined us.she is pretty cool gal.
now "on the road in the gadi".it was 5:30 am i guess when we started to move.the morning was simply very calm and serine with its fog and beautiful sun rays trying to make their way out of that thick fog.was really amazed at the scene of country beauty.lungs got to breath some good unpolluted air.
As the dawn ended into a morning,we entered into badipur forest,we were really banking on our luck to see some animals.i think we were kind of blessed to get a glimse of the national animal TIGER.It was pretty close to the road.It was first sighted by my uncle then it was my sis who saw it.We were thrilled to see it admists the tall green grass.It was a moment.It will linger in my memories for my life time.
We were awestruck by the vehicle-less road and decided to click some snaps.Then again was on move.Came to gundlupete and got idli vada packed and were on move.We acrossed Karnataka and entered Kerala.We parked the vehicle on the road side and hogged on idli, vada.The idli was good but the quantity of chetni he had packed was less,but anyways relished the break fast.
Now we were on the way to iddakal caves.The music played was awesome.We were bangging our head to LP's music, were kind of stuck to it.As we were nearing the destination,we were over joyed and bit shocked to see this huge mountain which we had plans of climbing.Before describing about the whole trekk.some info on iddakal
iddakal:is a natural cave.Which means a single rock which is juxtaposed between the two huge rocks.one could witness the "trible art" the pictorial representation of their way of living.it was formed due to earthquake some billions of years ago.
now it was exactly 9:20 AM when we started to trekk.Initially we thought its pretty easy to make it to the top.But smitha was telling us that "its not so easy".so now we were on the move.There were lot of other people who had come to trekk,but one of the group was really very good.The land scape got tougher and thougher as we scaled the mountain.This group had some people who were listening to music and climbing with pretty ease.This was kind of encouraging.The toughest part was holding the rope and climbing to the top. (This action was tough because, loss of balance could lead serious injuries),Which none of us had done before.I must say I throughly enjoyed it.Then we were at the top of the Iddakal mountain.Looking at the picturesque of the three state borders.We were feeling as if we were on the top of the world.we took some snaps and then we had to tread our way down the hill.It was more taxing than getting up the hill(thats what i felt).We were at the peak at around 12:15 and came down at around 1:45 PM.I was dog tired and wanted to eat and then catch my breadth.
After this we had lunch and left to soochipara water falls.On the way got to see some beautifully laid out natural carpets the "tea estates".I was feeling like jumping on it and lying down on it.But anyways,I knew I could not do it though.We had to walk 2 KM down hill to get to play in water and to experience the water falls.
Believe me it was really tiring and taxing our muscles.But all of us had this zeal and enthu to get into water.My sis palyed in water untill she is satisfied.One of the best thing was parents were not around for any restriction.
The water was freezing cold but when splashed onto the face.It felt so relaxing and i was feeling the flowing water under my legs and it was one heavenly feeling. After satisfying the soul and mind we were out of water and now back "in the gadi on the road"