Thursday, July 14, 2011


My lab is a place where I get to learn lot of stuff. Its full of fun and joy.
Those stubborn antibodies and their complex involvement in the disease, where am i heading to??? its that constant search mode which is "on" which makes it interesting. In between the expted, I will have my boss asking lot of questions about various things being conducted in the lab.
It was a great celebration when the CD68 a macrophage marker, TNF alpha , TGF beta and MRP worked on the aortic sinus.I still remember how much of pain I took to standardize the aortic sinus experimentation. It took almost three months to stabilize the whole aortic sinus thing but now that work is so easy and joyful to do.
Then it was my kinetic project which is going on fine as we have got good data specially the micro array, the IHC. Hoping that things go fine and I can get a paper or two this year end.:0