Sunday, September 10, 2006

The rose is a rose is a rose...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

confusions!!! always confused

its very strange in life, where we social animals get to learn new facets of life, by very small happenings.i have experienced something like this many a times.
i am never satisfied..always wanting something or the other as new in my it materials,be it people around me,the recognition,and many other things.but i wonder why i am always like this???? this has its own bad and good effects on me.may be like any normal person i expect things to happen my way...which never happens the saying goes "man proposes and god disposes"is what works most of the time.
i actually wanted to talk about the people around me.what i have understood from my 23 years of that every individual is a unique being,has been brought up under unique environment,different background,different sutiations,i understand and appretiate this variety in life.but why do i get into this word called EXPECTATION and get into mental confusions.
the happenings in life is not always a stright has it ups and downs..the smartness lies in " hw best u can handle them"?????.
as i told that man is a social animal... he is mainly caught up with these ties called relationships....this is niether too big nor too small to handle..this is, one area inmy life to which i give a lot of importance..but this is the thing which hurts me more than anything....i dont know as to hw good i am in handling my relationships with people?????..but this has educated me in many ways.