Monday, November 27, 2006

its really long...

Its been really long since I wrote something here.I was caught up with the hastle and bastle of many events occured and will occur its complete roller coaster.But I think its fun! How I am getting adjusted to a life, where I have nothing much to do and as of now I am not employed so staying at home and looking at the whole world in totally different angle.Discovering something or the other new in myself.

whats keeps me going is my freind circle.without them it would have been really difficult to go through the journey called life.During my younger days I used to always feel that no one is there to help me during the time of my distress yes! that was true during that time.But things have changed right now.Even though i dont have my very close and dear freind Rashmi, i have others who have stood by me during my share of distress in life.I am really greatful to the almighty to have given me such good friends.I dont want to mention the name of them though, as it is safe in my heart.I have understood that i walk a lonely road and i walk alone what keeps me going is freinds.
so thank you lord for everything!