Tuesday, August 15, 2006

12th and 13th august!

these dates...
As i thought would be a normal day.wherein i would get up and just sit in front of my GRE books to mugg some words.but these two days was something which i remember for my life time.12th was my school friend Archana's wedding reception.Dressed up and went to Bina's house from there we left to the convention hall.it was nice to see my friend fully dress in that beautiful attire.anyways this was not the main thing.the presence of my school teacher Mrs Subadhra mam was something memorable.i was really surprised as to hw easily one can move with the teacher who thought me at my very young age and even till date has the same ropport with her students.i had my other friend too thats divya.she was really funny..she added the tinge of the school time small girls' attitude!.had good food with my teacher and came home for another good thing.that was, my both brothers had come home.it was fun to be with them.especially the 9 months old baby.
the next day, that is 13th was my father's birth day. Had been to ISKCON temple for dinner prasadam.it was real spiritual retreat! i must say.the lord krishna was at his best i felt..the alankara of the lord was simply beautiful.when i just saw the lord the tears just started rolling down my eyes.the shayana arthi was simply awesome.i was feeling so light at heart that i did not wanted to come back home.the dinner prasadam was too good relished it.so that day i really felt free from all the pains and worries of my life.so i would summarise by saying " every cloud has silver lining"

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