Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

its really long...

Its been really long since I wrote something here.I was caught up with the hastle and bastle of life.so many events occured and will occur its complete roller coaster.But I think its fun! How I am getting adjusted to a life, where I have nothing much to do and as of now I am not employed so staying at home and looking at the whole world in totally different angle.Discovering something or the other new in myself.

whats keeps me going is my freind circle.without them it would have been really difficult to go through the journey called life.During my younger days I used to always feel that no one is there to help me during the time of my distress yes! that was true during that time.But things have changed right now.Even though i dont have my very close and dear freind Rashmi, i have others who have stood by me during my share of distress in life.I am really greatful to the almighty to have given me such good friends.I dont want to mention the name of them though, as it is safe in my heart.I have understood that i walk a lonely road and i walk alone what keeps me going is freinds.
so thank you lord for everything!

Monday, October 16, 2006

An essay..

"The stability of a society depends on how it responds to the extremes of human behaviour"

we the humans the most sophisticated beings on this planet,have developed our own way of living.This living includes not just a house to live in,food, clothing.This includes whats called as life style.

life of humans on this planet is highly diversified and each and every individual leads a life which is different and unique.The life style, the living conditions,culture, traditon and many other creteria makesup a common platform called the "society".

This society is what we humans live in.This dictates certain rules and regulations to people which has to be followed\or not be followed( this is left to the individual).Society gives us a frame work where, we humans can do whatever we want without spoiling the tranquility to the society.There are different types of rules and regulations which are put forth by different societies which are to be followed.
Here rules and regulatons are law and order which forms the main body in maintaining the satbility of the society.

what is stability of the society??
Every society starts growing with the grwoth of its people.society cannot be uniform,there are peole who belong to different creed, culture and traditon.There can always be this fear of "communal roits".This happens generally when there is lack of tolerance between the peers/fellow human beings.

These kind of communal roits can occur just by a small argumant,fight or difference of opinions.During this situation it is always better for the higher authorities or just any other third person to dilute the situation by some means.But when this fails " small fire can light up the whole forest".would be the situation.Where people would get enraged and leading to destruction of public property and hence the blood shed.finally leading to the loss of harmony in the society.

In the same way ther are many ways in which society has to make a very responsible move in sloving some of the most delicate issues involving the people.In a society no one can remain the same.As society is very dynamic setup.It should be well equipped to combat extreme behaviours of humnas.

Now,human behaviuor-this is another unpredictable part of humans and the society as the whole.Here,we are intrested in exterme behaviour.Whenevr we talk about extreme beahviour the first thing which is on the list is criminal activities.This includes stealing,rape,murder,many other civil crime.The recent addition to the above list is crims on internet.

These activities cannot be completely removed, however can be reduced to greater extent,by the way society responds to these activities.
Every individual in the society forms the responsible entity of it.So he\her should take the initiative of doing their best.By either informing the concerned authorities or even by reporting some of these cases to police.There by ensuring that law and order is drought and atleast some of the drastic mishaps can be controlled.

Suppose,the society shows reluctance or irresponsible attitude towards the happenings in and around the society,this will always wrosen the situation and hence no solution can be drawn.This stakes the law and order.Therefore it is very important for every member of the society to understand and respect the rules and regulations and hence get the sense of responsibility and help in building a better place to live in.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The rose is a rose is a rose...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

confusions!!! always confused

its very strange in life, where we social animals get to learn new facets of life, by very small happenings.i have experienced something like this many a times.
i am never satisfied..always wanting something or the other as new in my life..be it materials,be it people around me,the recognition,and many other things.but i wonder why i am always like this???? this has its own bad and good effects on me.may be like any normal person i expect things to happen my way...which never happens the saying goes "man proposes and god disposes"is what works most of the time.
i actually wanted to talk about the people around me.what i have understood from my 23 years of life...is that every individual is a unique being,has been brought up under unique environment,different background,different sutiations,i understand and appretiate this variety in life.but why do i get into this word called EXPECTATION and get into mental confusions.
the happenings in life is not always a stright curve...it has it ups and downs..the smartness lies in " hw best u can handle them"?????.
as i told that man is a social animal... he is mainly caught up with these ties called relationships....this is niether too big nor too small to handle..this is, one area inmy life to which i give a lot of importance..but this is the thing which hurts me more than anything....i dont know as to hw good i am in handling my relationships with people?????..but this has educated me in many ways.

Monday, August 28, 2006


life is full of these strange happenings.i really dont understand as to why there are so many things which i dont understand.i was thinking that i would be doing good in TOEFL by scoring about 270 but landed up getting just 250.i was really taken aback..as i had worrked for it and was expecting good score.because i feel that i am good at english to certain extent.i was really feeling bad that i boast about my english to everybody and nothing big happened.i am bad???? i am good????? i really dont understand????
sometimes i feel my way of expressing is too explicit that people put in some place where i dont belong or that i get carried away....anyways..i would rather compromise saying that "whatever happens happens for good ".
but i must say the date for toefl came to me like a blessing.i think lord was kind enough to give a date where in i would write a CBT itself.i am really greatful for that...if i had not got the date then i would be going in for another tunnel of things where i would be risking my success...hmm anyways i feel good about..these are some small things which...make me ponder over the uncertainity of life.
one quote which i believe is "uncertainity is something which certainly works"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

12th and 13th august!

these dates...
As i thought would be a normal day.wherein i would get up and just sit in front of my GRE books to mugg some words.but these two days was something which i remember for my life time.12th was my school friend Archana's wedding reception.Dressed up and went to Bina's house from there we left to the convention hall.it was nice to see my friend fully dress in that beautiful attire.anyways this was not the main thing.the presence of my school teacher Mrs Subadhra mam was something memorable.i was really surprised as to hw easily one can move with the teacher who thought me at my very young age and even till date has the same ropport with her students.i had my other friend too thats divya.she was really funny..she added the tinge of the school time small girls' attitude!.had good food with my teacher and came home for another good thing.that was, my both brothers had come home.it was fun to be with them.especially the 9 months old baby.
the next day, that is 13th was my father's birth day. Had been to ISKCON temple for dinner prasadam.it was real spiritual retreat! i must say.the lord krishna was at his best i felt..the alankara of the lord was simply beautiful.when i just saw the lord the tears just started rolling down my eyes.the shayana arthi was simply awesome.i was feeling so light at heart that i did not wanted to come back home.the dinner prasadam was too good relished it.so that day i really felt free from all the pains and worries of my life.so i would summarise by saying " every cloud has silver lining"

Friday, August 11, 2006

no more college!

it feels really good that i have finished my masters in BT.
i thought life would be all easy after this...but the life seems to be even more challenging and demands more of my intelligence.

The waves of life,is so different and so vivid that i really did not expect.anyways now that i am at home..it feels as if i am jailed! nw i realise as to hw much i miss my college days??? i really cannot accept that "life moves on".

the first ragging in degree,then we guys getting, all prepared to ragg our juniours..hw can i forget those days???the eat outs,the movies,eating in class,bunking,mocking at lecturers,results-that tensed moments! oh GOD! i miss them all!.even just typing about it gets a smile on my face.5 years of studies....is done! i still cant believe.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

its the eve of friendship day!

everyone...this is SNEHA-the irric