Friday, August 11, 2006

no more college!

it feels really good that i have finished my masters in BT.
i thought life would be all easy after this...but the life seems to be even more challenging and demands more of my intelligence.

The waves of life,is so different and so vivid that i really did not expect.anyways now that i am at feels as if i am jailed! nw i realise as to hw much i miss my college days??? i really cannot accept that "life moves on".

the first ragging in degree,then we guys getting, all prepared to ragg our juniours..hw can i forget those days???the eat outs,the movies,eating in class,bunking,mocking at lecturers,results-that tensed moments! oh GOD! i miss them all!.even just typing about it gets a smile on my face.5 years of done! i still cant believe.

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