Wednesday, November 13, 2013

serenity....should stay..

Its like a lovely breeze  in my mind. There is solace with oneself. Its kind of tranquil inside me.
whatever noise, ambiguity has settled mind is finally tired of thinking negative and brooding over the past.I think there is a ' beginning 'for something, which i am looking forward in my life.

There is clarity of thought,there is a focus, and some percentage of commitment growing in some corner of my mind.I am kind of sure that things will change after sometime.

I want this to stay and keep me going...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


My lab is a place where I get to learn lot of stuff. Its full of fun and joy.
Those stubborn antibodies and their complex involvement in the disease, where am i heading to??? its that constant search mode which is "on" which makes it interesting. In between the expted, I will have my boss asking lot of questions about various things being conducted in the lab.
It was a great celebration when the CD68 a macrophage marker, TNF alpha , TGF beta and MRP worked on the aortic sinus.I still remember how much of pain I took to standardize the aortic sinus experimentation. It took almost three months to stabilize the whole aortic sinus thing but now that work is so easy and joyful to do.
Then it was my kinetic project which is going on fine as we have got good data specially the micro array, the IHC. Hoping that things go fine and I can get a paper or two this year end.:0

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

from slim figure to a Fat so!

being slim is has almost become a dream! i was slim and trim used to work out very day for one hour in a local gym.It was not too long ago that i was gyming but now it almost feels like i had done that long time back.
best part was, that my maternal grandmom was complaining to mom as why Sneha has become so fat and she has lost her beautiful figure which we were proud of! this great thing was told to me by my mom but i just shrugged it off by saying that i am MOM.
i have been saying this that i am MOM for quite sometime now but havent been able to do anything about reducing my weight!
there are lot of problem i have been facing becouse i am fat!
firts dress size has become XL
these sales persons give that stare which is quite intimidating
then if i like a dress then there is no size in it
so what am i suppossed to do????

Saturday, July 10, 2010

don't be a football of others' opinion

This particular thought is important in ones life. But its so difficult to follow. Atleast I am finding it very difficult.
Everytime there is a incident, the spectators will have a totally different view when compared to the persons involved in the show. Each and everyone's view point varies and its difficult to judge as to who is right or who is wrong??? I tend to oscillate between this good or bad, right or wrong and always come to a point where I feel I am correct. which may be , many a times not be true, but I still stick by it. By doing this , that is having a strong perspective to look at the incidences and act accordingly is what many people around me are not able to understand. But is it bad to have strong opinion and stick by it?? or just wonder around and pick up what others' are doing.!!??? I dont get it....

Monday, November 16, 2009

its nice to blog now

The new Picassa photo stream and the slide show of the pictures makes it really nice to write blog often. Its a good move by the e Blogger to have done these new additions. Blogging is made even more fun :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

the dash board is always there for me to scribble something.
Recently I read about the life of Indira Gandhi ji. I felt very bad, that I was too young to understand her politics. The read, about her life, has made an impact on me. She was a women with a family and yet had this huge responsibility of ruling this Country full of diversity. I am amazed by her qualities which made her the Iron Lady of India.As I read she used be ready for her rallies as early as 5 am in the morning inspite of she going to bed at 2 or 3 am in the morning. She was known for her pantuality.
As everybody knows, its a' Man's world' out there, its quite a task to establish oneself as the leader and that too when you are a Lady.I wonder how she could rule the country with all the odds she faced in her life.She was great lover of art, she had different place for the women floks, she was always well dressed( no hypocritic dressing of white sarees). she was very good orator. I think India has never seen any female leader as good as she after she left. I really hope we get a leader with all the powerful qualities which can leads us for better life.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

some of my wordings

" life is exploring the unknown thinking that it will be known some day"

"sometimes dreams are only source of hope"

"There are imperfections everywhere,perfection is just an illusion"

no title....anamika...

life is so fast, to get time to oneself becomes so difficult.No time even to look back and understand the meaning of life. Will i ever get to understand the meaning of life???
i am going through a phase of life where everything is so new and unknown to me.Its like entering an adventurous life.I dont know, where is the pit? or whether the land on which i step is strong or not??? but yet I am heading towards the unknown.
The transitions which occurs in one's life is quite a thing to manage and organise into proper thought proceses. How to remain stable mentally? Is what one has to master in ones life, thats what i belive. But one thing has become clear to me that life is just not one thing, walking a path of big career, family life, money making,etc,its much more than that. I have to live my life for those moments which will allow me to blossom and look forward for those moments.
i just now read about the article stating "attitude decides the altitude".i  believe that its attitude which will take me places in my life.
now why did i write about this??? because i needed to shed my frustrations on the unwanted comments from people around me.i am feeling much better now after ritting it down.