Tuesday, May 24, 2011

from slim figure to a Fat so!

being slim is has almost become a dream! i was slim and trim used to work out very day for one hour in a local gym.It was not too long ago that i was gyming but now it almost feels like i had done that long time back.
best part was, that my maternal grandmom was complaining to mom as why Sneha has become so fat and she has lost her beautiful figure which we were proud of! this great thing was told to me by my mom but i just shrugged it off by saying that i am MOM.
i have been saying this that i am MOM for quite sometime now but havent been able to do anything about reducing my weight!
there are lot of problem i have been facing becouse i am fat!
firts dress size has become XL
these sales persons give that stare which is quite intimidating
then if i like a dress then there is no size in it
so what am i suppossed to do????

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