Saturday, July 10, 2010

don't be a football of others' opinion

This particular thought is important in ones life. But its so difficult to follow. Atleast I am finding it very difficult.
Everytime there is a incident, the spectators will have a totally different view when compared to the persons involved in the show. Each and everyone's view point varies and its difficult to judge as to who is right or who is wrong??? I tend to oscillate between this good or bad, right or wrong and always come to a point where I feel I am correct. which may be , many a times not be true, but I still stick by it. By doing this , that is having a strong perspective to look at the incidences and act accordingly is what many people around me are not able to understand. But is it bad to have strong opinion and stick by it?? or just wonder around and pick up what others' are doing.!!??? I dont get it....

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