Sunday, February 10, 2008

no title....anamika...

life is so fast, to get time to oneself becomes so difficult.No time even to look back and understand the meaning of life. Will i ever get to understand the meaning of life???
i am going through a phase of life where everything is so new and unknown to me.Its like entering an adventurous life.I dont know, where is the pit? or whether the land on which i step is strong or not??? but yet I am heading towards the unknown.
The transitions which occurs in one's life is quite a thing to manage and organise into proper thought proceses. How to remain stable mentally? Is what one has to master in ones life, thats what i belive. But one thing has become clear to me that life is just not one thing, walking a path of big career, family life, money making,etc,its much more than that. I have to live my life for those moments which will allow me to blossom and look forward for those moments.
i just now read about the article stating "attitude decides the altitude".i  believe that its attitude which will take me places in my life.
now why did i write about this??? because i needed to shed my frustrations on the unwanted comments from people around me.i am feeling much better now after ritting it down. 

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